Company History

1963 Located at Kyoubashi Chuo-ku, Tokyo as a head office and established BONNTILE Co.,Ltd. with the capital of one hundred million yen.
1965 Succeeded in developing the technology of outside on-site application of BONNTILE, which became a root of various-layers finishing materials (Sprayed tiles).
1967 Paid people's attention to explosive needs as a new and innovative material "BONNTILE", which decorated the exterior wall of projects representing that era.
Created new flow into architecture finishing technology.
1969 Opened Sendai office
1970 A new material "BONNTILE" was highly appriciated by the achivement of application on many related projects such as facilities at International Expo in Osaka.
"BONNTILE" was used for the exterior wall of Keio Plaza Hotel that was used for Precast Concrete system of a high-rise building in the first time of Japan. As a result, people in paint and architecture industry paid their attention to BONNTILE.
1972 Moved to 2 Hatchoubori Chuo-ku Tokyo, Japan.
1980 Capital was increased to three hundred million yen.
1983 Started manufacturing and selling fluoropolymer-based coating "BONNFLON"which has high weatherability and is cured at normal temperature.
1988 Modified to Asahi Glass Coat and Resin Co., Ltd.
1991 Commercialized BONNFLON AC System and BONNFLON Waterbase which met the needs of market. These products were high appriciated due to the beauty of cities and the maintenance of view.
1994 Commercialized BONNFLON SR which is a soil-release type and fluoropolymer-resin solvent coating.
1997 Comercialized BONNFLON Waterbase AC System which is very friendly to the environment and waterbase clear finishing for concrete.
2000 Moved to 4 Hatchoubori Chuo-ku Tokyo, Japan.
2002 Commercialized new fluoropolymer-resin waterbase coating products: BONNFLON Waterbase SR, BONNFLON MATT.
2003 Commercialized BONNFLON EARTH.
2004 Commercialized ANTI-GRAFFITI Paint which contributes the maintenance of cleaning in cities.
2007 Reinforced the operation as an AGC group on the 100th Anniversary of Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.
Modified to AGC Coat-tech Co., Ltd..
Moved to 2 Kandanishikichou Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, Japan.
Sales office in Osaka was promoted to Osaka branch and moved to 2 Awaza Nishi-ku Osaka, Japan.
2008 Commercialized Obbligato which is a fluoropolymer-resin coating material.


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